Welcome to the CoolKatz Club, pull up a chair and join me at a gilded table ready for the show to begin!

The red velvet curtains surround the stage with warmth and luxury. Behind them the performers wait their turn to make an appearance on the brightly lit stage.

The Microphone is set up along with a high legged stool, ready for someone to perch while they blast out a favourite tune.

The band have their speakers set up, and there is a guitar ready and waiting to be played.

The atmosphere in the CoolKatz Club is electric, the stage lights glint across the gilded table tops.

There are always fresh flowers on the tables, in beautiful artisan vases. The smell from the roses is intoxicating and adds to the atmosphere of the occasion.

Thick luxurious red carpet covers the floors and the walls have a fabulous mural of a microphone.

The outer wall of the club are brick and covered in advertising posters with a black neon sign lights the way to the club door. The black cat sits watching in silence as the club begins to fill up for the evening...

After all there's a Little Theatre in all of us!

Happy Crafting

The CoolKatz Team x

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