Faye's "In the Library" Book Nook Intrigue®

Faye's "In the Library" Book Nook Intrigue®


"In the Library" Book Nook Intrigue®

As always, I started the project by carefully laying out the pieces exactly as on the instruction sheet. I do a 'dry' run and then glue the main outside sections together. 

I decided on a pale blue paint and used “glass blue” Paper Artsy paint mixed with white which made the perfect shade.

*Top Tip* I found the building instruction sheet perfect for mixing the paint on. I folded  the sheet over with paintbrushes inside and placed in the fridge for later touch ups. This stops the paint and the paintbrushes from drying out. It also saves wasting paint by washing the paint brushes out only to use them again the next day.


I used callipers to measure the sections in the bookcases. I cut dolls house wallpaper, inked the edges and then stuck into each bit. 



*Top Tip* I wish I had made a floor template before moving on to the next stage. It was do-able with scrap paper but making a template would have made cutting the flooring perfectly so much easier. 


Next, I moved on to the accessories. I made a bench cushion by gluing kitchen towel to card and then covering with fabric. 

I made card templates for the seat sides. I cut the fabric slightly bigger, made little cuts and folded the fabric over to create a clean edge.


I made a light shade by cutting a large circle with smaller circle in the middle. I then made a cut into it. I covered the card in fabric and then curled until it fitted the light exactly. 

I inked the edge of the wooden book shapes and then glued printed book covers onto them. I find using cheap copier paper gives a good antique book cover finish. 

Finally, I mixed glue with brown paint and put this into the two glasses to create a real life 'drink'. Everything was then glued in place. 


I loved making this kit and it would certainly be a perfect present for a book lover.


If you (like me) are feeling inspired to create your own Library after seeing how Fay brought hers to life, you will find all the links below that you need including the one to our Facebook Group; CoolKatz  where we love you to share your CoolKatz projects with us.

Happy Crafting

The CoolKatz Team x







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