Sue's 8"X 8" Album for a Teenager

Sue's 8"X 8" Album for a Teenager

On Monday I put a posting up on Facebook regarding my favourite page.  It was the envelope with pink tulle and it is here along with some other pictures for you to have a look at.  I used the Dovecraft Kiss & Makeup papers.


The front and back covers are made from a denim looking paper with a strap to close the album, this uses a hidden magnet.  The edges have been made with strips from the same paper which was 12" X 12".  I will probably put on it the name of the person who I give it to.

This is page 1, and I have only temporarily put in some photos of me to show you where the die cuts have been placed.  This is to show the Small Photo Slot die which is also on the pages behind the top one.  The Tab has been made with the Stitched Page Tabs and the Ring Reinforcement dies.

The page has the Small Photo dies used both for the left hand side booklet and straight onto the right handside 'lips' page.

Here you have the Small Photo die on the left and the same die but cut out in pink to glue it onto the envelope page.  I have also gathered up the tulle and put it around the photo mat on the back .


 I have made a shaky thing with glitter and shapes for fun and a large photo pad incorporating the 6" X 4" Photo Slot die.  This page folds down and is stuck with a magnet. 

Here is the front side of the envelope using the Mandarin Whisker die on the flap and then in the next picture on the inside aswell.  The glasses are part of the Dovecraft paper set.

In this picture I have left some sticky bits of paper to indicate where the die cuts have been.  This is using both of the Photo Slot dies in the set. the penny slider is just for fun.

On the last page before the back cover I have added another set of four photomats using the smaller Photo Slot die.


This is the inside back cover, another favourite. I have made a 'clutch bag' and put Curved Pierced Pocket Slot Die Set on the 'lips' paper to put in the smaller photos that the young people have.  These can come from the printer, or their Instax instamatic cameras.  Also a great size for tickets and such like.  You can also put the larger size 6" X 4" photos int to clutch bag.




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