Lynne's Hidden Album Page

 The decorative papers used are from the collection "Life is Abundant" by Graphic 45.

To make this hidden page layout I used the following pieces of card:

2 @ 8” x 6½” - with 6½” across the top of your score board score @ ½”.
1 @ 8” x 6” (base)
1 @ 8” x 57/8” ( hidden page)
1 @ 9” x 1” – score bellyband ½” each end.
1 @ 1½” x 2¾”   score slider @ 11/8” and  2¼”.

Pic 1:- shows parts needed.

Parts needed

To make the concertina, I stuck 1 of the scored card to the base page then the other scored card
to this page.

Pic 2:- shows the concertina made up.

I scored the bellyband and put patterned paper onto it. I then put the
bellyband through the slider.

Pic 3:- shows the bellyband & slider.

I then stuck the bellyband in place on the base page an inch in from
the side edge.

Pic 4:- shows the bellyband in place with sticky paws protape added.

I added glue on top of the tape and placed the hidden page on top,

Ensuring it didn’t touch the hinge of the next page.

I then decorated the pages with patterned paper and used the 6x4 & 3x4 photo slot dies.

To close I used
6mm ribbon at 12” in length, which I stuck  to the back of the
base page and used ½” & 3/8” purrfect finish circles to cover the
ends of the ribbon.
**** If the slider doesn’t move easily use a tumble dry sheet along the sides of the
bellyband ******

Pic 5 - shows outside of concertina.

Pic 6:- shows part of the inside.

Pic 7: shows the hidden page in place.

Pic 8: shows hidden page in its up position.

Products used:

Multipurpose Teflon tool

Sticky paws pro tape

Coolkatz bookbinding glue

Purrfect finish circle die set

Black cat card

Thank you Lynne for that fantastic tutorial, we look forward to trying
it out for ourselves. If you have been inspired to recreate the Hidden
Page Layout don't forget to share pictures with us over on the CoolKatz
Craft Facebook Group. We love to see all of your cool CoolKatz projects
over there.
You can find all of our social media links below.

Happy Crafting
The CoolKatz Team x



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