Lynne's Full page Easel page layout

This Easel layout is part of an album with pocket pages measuring 8” x 8 1/8”.


I used the following:-

Base card: 8” x 8 1/8” - you can affix the Easel to the pocket page, but the base card gave it more stability.

Easel: 8” x 81/8”.

Easel mechanism:  8½” x 81/8” - score @1/2” & 4 ½”

Pocket: 3½” x 91/8” - score ½” on 3 sides

3mm ribbon 2½”

6mm ribbon 2@ 14”

4 magnets



Pic 1 - shows pieces needed.


Pic 2 - shows the 14” of 6mm ribbon in place on the back of the base card, 3½” down from the top edge.


I used ribbon to keep the top part of the Easel in place to save on the use of more magnets. 

Pic 3 - shows the placement of the 3mm ribbon on the back of the Easel.

Pic 4 - shows the horizontal pocket in place. 


Pic 5 - shows the Easel mechanism in place with the ½” score to top of base card.


Pic 6 - shows where I put the glue to the bottom half of the mechanism. 


Pic 7 - shows Easel in place resting against the pocket.


Pic 8 - shows where to put the magnets.


Pic 9 -12 - shows the decorated page layout. 

          This shows the page laying flat before the easel is shown.

                         This shows the easel effect.

           This shows the underside of the easel and the horizontal pocket.


                    This shows the other side of the easel flap.


I made a mat using a piece of card 7½” x 7½”.

The curved photo slots used were the 3" x 3”.


For the decorative paper, in total I used 4 sheets @ 8” x 8”, 2 sheets @ 12” x 12” and plain cardstock from my stash.


Products used:

Curved photo slot dies set 1.


Sticky Paws pro tape.


Coolkatz bookbinding glue.


Don't you just love seeing how Lynne creates her beautiful Album pages?

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Happy Crafting

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