Carol's Potting Bench


Having fun with the Potting Bench.

Beware this kit, excitement should be contained!  

It is so cute and I found it easy to visualise a finished piece.  So once I had popped out the pieces for this Intrigue, I began by adding colour to them using distress ink and a finger sponge.  This was quick to do and for a beginner you can get a great effect with ease.  Assembly was also quick and easy to do, the hardest bit is letting the stages dry before moving on – I wanted to finish it all immediately!   So while it was drying, I used modelling paste and the CKC Flagstone path stencil to create a base

and once fully dry, I painted a stone colour in-between the stones and then once my “cement” was dry, I painted the stones with a mixture of two greys and a brown paint.  What I should have done, of course, was mix the modelling paste with the cement coloured paint before applying and then I would only have the flagstones to finish.  Why did I only remember that after I had started – because I was so excited I couldn’t wait!

It is however easy to move from the basic assembly to making or buying pieces to make the bench come to life.  The Intrigue comes with a garden fork and trowel as well as some flower pots but there are other pieces from CKC which compliment this piece really well.

I had fun sourcing labels and boxes etc from the computer which when scaled down to 1:12th size (don’t be intimidated if you haven’t done this before, give it a go. It is easy when you remember one inch in real life is one foot (or twelve inches) in scale so a six foot man would be six inches high in this scale). Another plus about this kit……

Wow that is such a great project, can't you tell how much fun Carol had
creating that Potting Bench.

If you would like to create a Potting bench of your own you will find
all of the links below, along with all the links you need for our social
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Happy Crafting




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