Storage with a Twist™
- This product is for the Large and Standard sized Inky-Wizz only! -


Contains one pack of 6 triangle shelves that can be glued into position to increase storage and functionality of your Inky-Wizz unit.

They come in a variety of hole sizes that you can pick from:

- Solid (no hole)

- Small hole

- Medium hole

- Large hole


1) Solid, creating a solid shelf - weight 24g

2) Small hole/blending tool hole - weight 24g

3) Medium hole, suitable for stickles, mini glossy accents, blending eggs etc – hole size 3cm diameter approx., weight 12g

4) Large hole, suitable for sprays, small glues, embellishment drops, blending eggs etc. – hole size approx. 3.8cm diameter, weight 12g



We also have an instructional video available for anyone wanting to learn more about these triangle shelf Add-Ons, which you can view here!

Or, go to the Cool Katz Craft youtube channel and search for the video titled 'Inky Wizz Add Ons'!

Storage with a Twist™ - Shelf Add-Ons- LARGE & STANDARD INKY_WIZZ

Hole Size


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