Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoolKatzCraft?

CoolKatzCraft is owned and operated by Maggie Moore and Kay Molyneux - a pair of talented crafters creating useful and affordable crafting products that anyone can use! Outside of business, CoolKatzCraft is an ever-growing community of even more talented people who all share a mutual love of crafting and creating! You can join our welcoming community simply by joining our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CoolKatzCraft/

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to Europe, United States and Australia. Our European shipping includes Russia and Turkey, too! Shipping Prices: - UK - £2.99 (Shipping on orders over £30 is free) - Europe - £35 - USA - £40 - Australia - £55 Please note that our international shipping rates are for large orders/items (e.g. our Inky Wizz). If you're looking to purchase something of a relatively small size, such as one of our accessories, please contact us so we can negotiate a shipping price.

When is your next Workshop?

From time to time we will organise new hands-on workshops that anyone can purchase a ticket for and come along to. As soon as these become available, they will appear on our Events page on our website. Shortly after that, we will post about them in our Facebook group and on our Blog page. Stay tuned!

The product I want is out of stock! When can I expect to see it restocked?

Due to the high demand of some of our more popular products, there will unfortunately be times where we inevitably run out of stock. However, do not worry as we always plan to restock our products ASAP. Check back to the store every week or so and your desired item may just be back in stock! In the rare circumstance that a product is discontinued, we will be sure to announce it and make it clear that there are no plans on bringing it back.

It won't let me select a product option in the store! What am I doing wrong?

You're not doing anything wrong, don't worry. When trying to purchase an item in our store, if it doesn't allow you to select the product option (size, colour etc.) that you want, that will be because that particular option is currently out of stock. Check back regularly as we often restock our products!

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer multiple different payment methods, so no matter how concerned you are about your privacy, we'll have an option for you. Our main payment method is PayPal. PayPal is a globally-used transaction service and one of the safest ways to pay online. Paying through PayPal means that we will not see any of your payment details, they'll all be completely secure. We also accept payments through iZettle. If you plan to pay through this method, or you want to talk about another method, please email us directly so that we can organise it properly.


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